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Salt Tablet Manufacturer

We are offering our customers a wide range of Tablet salt, water softening salt. The offered Tablet is also used as water softeners which provide best benefits in our daily life. These Salt Tablet have longer a life because it take time to dissolve when compared to powdered salt.  We are also manufactures a wide range of top-quality Salt Tablet that is used hospitals, hotels, and other industrial usage. These are used for industrial application as well.  Those devouring a pure vegetarian diet may likewise decide to enhance their Sodium Chloride Tablet. It is farfetched that the normal individual regardless of whether veggie lover, athletic or not will get counsel from a clinical expert to take supplement salt in any case.

Salt Tablet Manufacturer India

Water Softener Tablet Salt

SR Industry is engaged in offering a superior quality of Water Softener Tablet Salt that is most normally used for softening water in diverse industries. This is an ideal product that is used in Swimming Pools for softening and makes water perfect for swimmers. Our offered Water Softener Tablet Salt is widely used in water softeners to soften the water in industries, hospitals, hotels as well as households. These manufactured Water Softener Tablet Salts are strong smooth tablets that are compacted using the latest technology, so they will not fall apart. Widely used in Cleaning systems, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics Laundries, Dish Washer salt, Washing machine Salt, Water heaters and pipes & showers, Hospitals, Restaurants and Hotels.

Water Softener Tablet Salt

NaCl Tablets Manufacturer

At SR Industry, we manufacture and supply all types of salt tablets, including the following main products:

  • Water Softening Salt Tablet
  • Refined Salt Tablet
  • Tablet Salt
  • High Purity Salt Tablet

Application of Salt Tablet

Our offered product are used in various application like

  • Swimming pools
  • Industrial usage
  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Pharmaceutical
NaCl Tablets Manufacturer

Salt Tablets Specification

    • Round Shape solid, white free from clay Grit Etc. impurities
    • Calcium Ca % Max 0.03
    • Magnesium Mg % Max 0.019
    • Sulphate So4 % Max 0.158
    • Water insoluble % Max 0.05
    • Moisture % Max 0.15
    • Nacl % minimum By mass on Dry Basis 99.56
Salt Tablets Specification
Sodium Chloride - Water Softening Salt Tablets Manufacturer

Why Choose S.R. Industry?

S.R. Industry is a diversified and leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality Tablet salt. You will find the following advantages when dealing with S.R. Industry

  • Advanced technology setup of Salt Tablet production with a minimum 300 Ton Tablet salt per month
  • Tablet salt manufacture with required specification
  • High quality materials to ensure that the production of product is of fine quality
  • Best packaging option of product that meets international standards
  • Straight forwardness in all exchange and deals follow up to guarantee our customer get the ideal product.
  • Customer satisfaction with all value and product services
  • Best Communication
SR Industry Tablet salt Manufacturer

Salt Tablets Exporter

S.R. Industry have been serving client all over the world since 1982. Innovation and quality are the one principle behind the success of S.R. Industry. Using advanced technology production practices to manufacture Tablet salt and ensure fresh and longevity of the product. Providing professional services extend across a variety of Industries. Best, Reputable and best responsibility forming an essential part of our responsibilities. We specialize in export to various countries including UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Singapore, UK, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Doha etc.

advanced technology production practices to manufacture Tablet  salt

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