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Laminated PP Woven Bags

Backed by the team of experienced professionals we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality of Laminated PP Woven Bags by using strips or threads that are weaved in two directions that warp and weft which can hold strong and heavy duty material. The offered Laminated PP Woven Bags are ideal for packaging of rice, sugar, flour, spices, fertilizer and other materials. We are engaged in offering the Laminated PP Woven Bags that are used for special packaging applications like to avoid the moisture and other impurities to affect the product. These Laminated PP Woven Bags are used for powder filling and contains a pocket where one can put the documents. While manufacturing the bags we are using virgin raw material having high strength and ideal for bulk packaging of diverse products. We can offer tailor made bags also to meet the specific requirements of different applications by customers.

Manufacturer of Laminated PP Woven Bags

Laminated PP woven bags, also known as polypropylene woven bags or simply PP bags, are a type of packaging material commonly used for various purposes. They are made from a woven polypropylene fabric that is coated with a thin layer of lamination, typically made of polyethylene (PE). This lamination provides additional strength, durability, and resistance to moisture.It's worth noting that regulations regarding the use and disposal of plastic bags may vary by region. It is important to be aware of local guidelines and recycling options to ensure proper disposal or recycling of these bags.laminated PP woven bags offer a practical and cost-effective solution for packaging needs, providing strength, durability, moisture resistance, and customization options for various industries and products.